We Love JJ's!

C Baily

We have a blast! The service is exceptional; very personable and fun. The waitress knows everyone so she usually picks on at least one person in the group - in a friendly, joking manner. JJ's is a trendy, local neighborhood restaurant where there are a lot of regulars and the place is usually busy but you don't notice a wait because there's so much atmosphere. Good food, good price, good service, good atmosphere. And, lunch is also good, fast and inexpensive!

Derek & Susan von Bechmann

The ole Glen Allen community is blessed to have a local resturant like JJ's Grill. As soon as you walk through the front door, you feel as though you are joining friends and family for a meal. Your daily specials on sandwiches, meals and even "drinks" are very reasonable but more importantly tasty. Thank you so much for catering to the locals of Glen Allen but more importantly your friendship and the ones we make at JJ's grill.

Donny and Becky

We love the neighborhood atmosphere.

John L

We just left the restaurant about 10 minutes ago and had to make sure I informed someone of the experience. Our waiter was Chris, and he by far was the best service we have had in a long time. We eat out a few times a week and he by far has been one of the most courteous, knowledgeable servers we have had. . . . We will be sure to ask for him as our server in the future. . . . Take care of him and the rest of your staff. You have a great group of servers and bartenders.

Bruce Haring